Monday, 20 October 2008

Yet another 'historic market town'

Most towns in the UK seem to be 'historic market towns'. Which just means that one day a week, they set up market stalls on the main road and sell veggies, woolen hats and scarfs and fresh fish. Pickering had a nice little flea market going on, and I liked that about Pickering. I didn't buy anything. Pickering castle. It was so windy and cold. Actually, all a little bit uninspiring. It's not my favourite castle.
Here is me, standing by a very dated medieval toilet. I'd hate to have to run up the stairs every time I needed the loo! Plus, the lighting was very bad and I saw no holder for the loo roll. I think it was probably a little unhygienic and a bit uncomfortable. At this point I was cold and very windswept.

Ok, I had this picture taken just because Elizabeth had one. I spent most of the day running after her with a camera and taking pictures of her in front of everything. It's rather refreshing to find another person as obsessed with photos...and well, vain really.
This is the main road of Pickering. It's a small town, but compared with Lastingham is very big and populated. It was just great seeing some people milling about on the streets, and young folk drinking coffee in the coffee lounge.
Me, Lara, Elizabeth, Christina and Kerstin in the lounge at the hotel. The last photo opportunity to get all of us together before Lara, Christina and Kerstin leave and go back to their home countries on Wednesday. From now, Elizabeth and I are going to be very busy!
I felt a wave of home-sickness today while going around the museum. Today I've been less than inspired and I'm hoping that the feeling passes quickly. I'm going to put it down the the Bloody Marys in our room until late last night and the colder weather. That must be it.

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