Friday, 7 November 2008

Rainy day at the seaside, and no Scarborough Fair

The song is very misleading as there is no actual fair in Scarborough...not that I was expecting one, but it would have been nice, you know? I was greeted by rain and fog when I alighted the bus at the railway station yesterday morning, and it didn't clear the whole day. My first stop was, obviously, the castle. The castle is positioned on a headland over-looking the ocean and allegedly, on a sunny day, it has some very pretty views. The pictures below were all that I could see...

Approaching the castle, trying to find the entrance - the big colourful poster should have been a clue where to go in, also, the line of school children out on a day trip.
Like a ghost castle standing up out of the fog.

Messing about a little with the camera settings.
Just outside of the castle and down a few steps is Saint Marys church and a grave yard where Anne Bronte is buried. I felt I should pay my respects and take a picture of her grave.

On leaving the castle, the grave yard and St Marys I went to meet Christina in the town centre and happened upon this lovely window
A street in Scarborough.
Scarborough harbour by the South Bay.
The south bay of Scarborough. It's all a bit run down and seedy and it reminded me a bit of Durban, only colder and rainier.
After a cup of coffee and a tour of Christinas flat I was left free to explore the North Bay of Scarborough and found it a lot quieter and more scenic.
A view from the north bay looking towards Scarborough castle.
I had the beach pretty much to myself except for a few old couples and a man with his dog. It started to get dark by around half past four and I started to walk back towards the town centre and the railway station. I found this cafe on the beach front selling cheap fish 'n chips and got a take away to eat on the beach, by this point, it started drizzling again and I walked back in the dark and the rain with my hot plate of food, frizzy haired and thoroughly happy :)


  1. I come from Scarborough but no longer live there - now live in Kathmandu.

    Your pictures bring back many memories - it was a nice place to grow up.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them :)