Friday, 7 November 2008

Serious self-indulgence

I need to take a moment to bitch and whine. Here it first emotional meltdown after months of been so well. It was a small glitch, a little hiccup and I'm (almost) over it now as I type.

A little thought...many years ago, a sangoma told a certain someone that he would die in his 27th year (he also gave the identity of that someones so called 'soul mate'). Though it is unlikely that he would properly die, just as it is unlikely that I am somehow cosmically tied to this person, I have pondered this suggestion. No, though he is not dead...he is dead to me and somehow, this makes the prediction real and true. What insight this man had all those years ago. And so, in been dead to me, this is the last mention he shall effect from me. Right, I'm done.
I hate feeling like a lunatic, and maybe I am one, in fact, I probably am. Here are some pictures from the last few days...far more cheery than what is above them!
Ellie and I set out looking for a stone cross over-looking Lastingham, we went in the entirely wrong direction and ended up in a very muddy field, but had fun sliding in the mud, laughing until our bellies ached and enjoying a little bit of sunshine.
We eventually found the cross just before the sun started to set and were rather disappointed that it was just an ordinary cross, and nothing special in particular. We took photos as proof that we found it.
In a field above Lastingham, close to Spaunton. I love how green it was here.
The bridge in Lastingham looking towards the Blacksmith Arms. I love the autumn colours.
Added for pure self indulgence - I look thin.
Hmmm, I'm remembering my old feelings of been like Miriam in DH Lawrences Sons & Lovers. I always hated seeing myself like her. And Clara Dawes...I pictured her so round-faced, with full pink lips and soft shoulders, wide hips and strong ankles, sweet and silly. I hated her for what she stood for. I hated Miriam too, but I should have hated Paul Morel, why didn't I? I think I pitied him more. Hmph, so period drama.
Oh, speaking of drama, I'm loving the BBCs adaptation of Dickens' Little Dorrit...I will have to buy the series so I can watch it in full! Matthew Macfadyen and Claire Foy are the leads, and are lovely to pretty :)
Ooh ooh! Pretty...I'm totally in love with Chris Addison...his boyish face, British accent, wit, curly hair...sigh.

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