Thursday, 27 November 2008

Shopping :)

Coming back to Milton Keynes is like coming home in a way. There are many reasons why I like it here and to name just a few...
  • I know where things are and how to get there...mostly.
  • I have 'almost' family here.
  • The shopping centre.
  • The pretty folk.

I went shopping today, I spent the whole afternoon at the MK Centre and I bought everything except for what I actually set out to buy...a new pair of boots.

By yesterday morning, walking to the bus stop, half of the sole of my boot was flopping behind me. When the quick fix of chewing gum didn't suffice I ended up having to glue the sole back in place whilst sitting on the coach. It's still holding...for now. I tried on many pairs of boots, but was undecided, so I bought none of them. I did, however, buy a lovely charcoal t-shirt dress, a black woolly cardigan, some make-up and black nail polish. After buying my purple hoodie in York, I feel that I've had my colour fix for a goodly while and have reverted back to black. more important things, like booking my stay in Liverpool.

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