Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tough choices

You know what the best bit about travel like this is? It's the lack of responsibility. Right now, my toughest decision is where I should head for next. I have a few options for after York:

a) Leeds - I'm pretty sure I could find a few things to keep me entertained there for a few days, and I know which bus to get on and from where (which is a bonus).

b) Manchester - I've already found a cheap hostel there, and on the map, it's only a few centimeters away from York.

c) Edinburgh - I know I love this city already and there was loads to see and do...

Decisions are tough, especially for someone who can't decide what drink to have in the evenings after work. It's the same every night. I always know that Tom is going to offer and I have more than enough time to prepare an answer, but when he does ask, it's so much easier to tell him to surprise me. And we have the same conversation most nights too "Dandelion and Burdock then?" The stuff is vile and the work of the devil.
Yesterdays moor walk. My boot finally sprung a leak whilst fording this little river. They have been excellent boots, and are thankfully still good for rainy days, just not large puddles, streams or rivers.
I got back to the hotel after dark and had to warm up with several cups of tea drinking has just become ridiculous of late...I must be averaging ten cups a day. I like the sky in this picture.

A view of Lastingham. From this angle it looks rather extensive. Don't be fooled!

An open field outside of Spaunton.

Tom is pretty handy with a sharp knife and a pumpkin. Lit up, this is hugely impressive.

Anyway, I still have three weeks to make my decision and weigh up all the pros and cons of each city. Hmph, and if I have another day off this week I have another decision to make...Scarborough, Thornton-le-Dale or Hemsley? Ah bugger.

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