Monday, 1 December 2008

Happy days

I'm off again tomorrow, not for long this time, or rather, I'm not sure where I'm going after Belfast. Hopefully I can make my way further North and Scotland.

The weekend was good and relaxing and comprised mainly of Christmas lights, kittens, telly, late morning lie-ins and some damn good music. I’ve been branching out a little and listening to the likes of Adam Green and Ben Kweller, taking time out for the Babyshambles and the Juno soundtrack which I too, have sadly been sucked into.

I’m feeling remarkably well, all healed, rested and stable. I’m truly quite embarrassed by my previous behaviour displayed on first arriving in this great country. I can understand it, what with the frustration and just been damn fed up. Still, I never want to feel that way again and it was a good lesson to learn. More good than bad has come from this trip of mine, and really, this is just the beginning still.

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