Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Liverpoooool - day 1

I got the 10h17 train from Milton Keynes Central to Crewe, and then the 12h08 to Liverpool Lime Street. It started to snow when I arrived at Crewe station, and I sat on platform 11 waiting for the next train with my hands wrapped around a cup of hot tea. The weather had cleared up by the time I got out of the Lime Street station and it’s just as well too as I did my usual thing of walking in the wrong direction for 15 minutes before realizing that I should be 30 minutes in the other direction. I found the YHA Hostel eventually, but only after wandering around Liverpool for an hour or two with all three bags, having chatted to a boy called Felix looking for donations for Hare Krishna and ending up at the YMCA which is over a mile from where I wanted to be. On the up side, I did find where I need to go on Friday morning to get the Ferry to Northern Ireland.

After checking in and finding I seem to have the dorm all to myself, I set out to explore the bits of Liverpool I had not yet discovered. My first stop was of course, Albert Docks as that seems to be where things are happening…including a whole lot of construction work. On my way I got snowed on and took shelter in the Beatles Story Museum which I was actually saving for tomorrow but thought what the hell anyway. It was pretty impressive and done rather well I think and it was a good two hours spent there. On entering you get handed the audio guide by two blokes, dressed in 60s style clothing with matching hairdos and oh so pretty. Afterwards, it doesn’t really go downhill from there :) but you get to walk through the ‘Beatles Story’, look at photos, admire the displays all whilst listening to 60s rock music. All in all, pretty awesome and well worth a visit.
Judging from how quiet this hostel is, I would have to agree that maybe I really am the first person ever to visit Liverpool as a tourist, surely, and hopefully not as it might be a tad lonely.

Ooh, what’s also exciting is that I’m typing this all on my new Advent Netbook which is actually just a laptop only smaller and lighter and cuter. Very sophisticated, just like take away coffees.

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