Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Badly behaved in Belfast

One wonders if I've learned my lesson regarding picking up strays in hostels, but the chances are pointing in the direction of no, I've probably not. Where do I begin? Well, the 'Stuart Situation' as I began to call it quickly got out of hand. I had figured that I'd be able to lose him pretty quickly when we arrived in Belfast, but when it turned out that we were in a mixed dorm together, my plans were beginning to go a little pear-shaped. It became intolerable, culminating with me having to check out in a spare moment I had to myself, getting a taxi to Belfast's George Best airport and getting on a flight to Manchester. This was yesterday, today, by lunch time I was back in Milton Keynes, warm, safe and dry and thankful not to be in Belfast anymore! It turned into a 'by any means' sort of show with me taking just about every means of public transport known to man, with the exception of a hot air balloon and horse drawn cart. Taxis, buses, trains, planes, trams all in the space of a day. It was worth it in the end.

The story is too long to go into any sort of details but basically think 'Donkey' in Shrek. I couldn't get away, I felt trapped and I couldn't be any clearer with this bloke, but he wouldn't leave me alone. When all else failed, I high tailed it outta the country. Pretty dramatic huh?

Anyway, back to the original question. I asked because at the height of this 'Stuart Situation' I found myself staring into the eyes of beautiful and Irish Lee. While Lee was making plans to run away to South Africa with me, Stuart was getting increasingly more tense, understandably as he thought that we actually had something going, me and him. My point is that, I would have been quite ok with it if Lee had actually decided to pack in life in Northern Ireland and follow me around as Stuart had done. Lee, the (almost) unattainable, Irish man with a sort of Carl Barat air about him, singing along to Babyshambles songs with me whilst discussing my 'pretty eyes' with the rest of the present company, and offering me cigarettes outside. Clearly, I was smitten :)
Here are some of my pictures from Belfast.

Belfast city hall and wheel.
Christmas market outside the city hall. Oh so festive with gifts, food and beer stalls. I was eating cake.
Alberts clock....'if you have the time, I have the inclination...'
Stormont - Parliament buildings.
A street in Belfast with a mural.
Posing by the murals.

I did a day trip to the Giants Causeway. I think the day would have been a lot better if the night before wasn't spent drinking Guinness and whiskey until the wee hours of the morning all whilst flirting up a storm inside and outside of Maddens bar. Needless to say, when my alarm went off in the morning, I wasn't feeling (or looking) my best. But, I soldiered onwards and got on the coach headed further up North. In hindsight, I really should have gone the next day instead.

A tourist taking a picture of a tourist - a rough Karen in Northern Ireland.

I found this little boat on the coastal route to the Giants Causeway and liked it.

A little harbour in Northern Ireland.
Yes, I have behaved appallingly this last week or so and I think I am suitably remorseful enough to accept the next job offered to me and go away and think of what I have done and try to be better in the future.

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