Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A walk all over the city

Day two in Liverpool and all is peachy. I got up pretty early this morning despite going to bed at a ridiculous hour last night. Yesterday, after settling down on the couch in the hostel lounge with my netbook (grin) I made a friend in a bloke who introduced himself as Stuart, we had matching netbooks you see, so it was a good opening for conversation. We went to the Hogs Head for dinner and some beer and after they stopped serving, we headed down Mathew Street to the Cavern, a pub that has Beatles history, though not the actual Cavern where the Beatles used to play at. So it ended up a pretty late night and when my alarm went off this morning I just hid under my blankets and lay there for another hour before getting up for breakfast.

Stuart accompanied me on my tour around Liverpool and together we went to the Maritime and Slavery Museum, drank coffee at Costa, ate sandwiches from Subway and walked all over the city looking at all the ‘alternative and vintage clothing’ stores, taking pictures at the seedy, pretty and interesting buildings and trying to figure out where the ‘banana sheep’ is. It WILL be found!

View from the docks area.
Some buildings I rather liked.

A sunny street and seedy buildings.
China Town section of the city
Clearly, China Town

Stuart and me
'tis I...approaching China Town.
Just a grotty looking building I liked :)
The Royal Liver Building
Albert Docks.
Liverpool is apparently the Culture Capital of 2008 and the city has allegedly been cleaned up a fair bit. A lot of it still looks a bit run down, with seedy looking streets and buildings amongst some newer, nicer looking ones. It has character, as do the people who seem a lot less polished than those in London, York or Milton Keynes. You know the type, a fair amount of black clothing, dyed hair and piercings :) and hardly anyone seen wearing a track suit!

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