Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cornish coast and creepy crawlies

Tim decided it would be fun to go to the beach with Harry, so we all got into his muddy Audi and drove through Gweek and Goonhilly towards the seaside. Gweek is a pretty little village, exactly how I imagined a Cornish village to look - all pretty cottages, the Helford River running through with boats all lined up in a small harbour. Goonhilly is an enormous satellites site. After Goonhilly and a stretch of wooded area along the Helford the Cornish landscape starts to look positively African, flat and dry and you almost expect to see a herd of wildebeest or some kudu grazing amongst the sparse trees.

Once we got to the beach we spent the next 30 or so minutes scrambling amongst the rocks looking for limpets and cockles, gathering them up in our jumpers to take home ‘for our tea’. The beach was nearly deserted, probably because it was so cold and nearing dusk, been half past three! Harry spent some time ‘digging for treasure’ with his hands in the sand and then we headed back to the car because it was getting dark. When we got back to the farm, Tim began to cook up what we had battered off the rocks in a creamy garlic sauce while I set the table. I never did have any intention of eating the grisly find, but Tim looked genuinely surprised when I emphatically refused and ate a buttered sandwich instead! The limpets had FACES for goodness sake, and little feelers like snails. The cockles were just as ugly, sea snails!

Gathering things that shouldn't be eaten.
I'm looking forward to exploring some more of this area. And with any luck, with Harry going to school tomorrow, I'll have some time to go off on my own for a while!

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