Monday, 12 January 2009

A good Sunday

I got to sleep in until eight o’ clock! When I got up, I went downstairs, made myself tea and sat in front of the aga with the newspapers and a bowl of rice crispies. All was quiet except for the keystrokes of Tim upstairs on the computer. After reading the papers and Tim had come down, I asked him to get the chickens ready for me and I went outside to where he’d tied them up to the tractor and I stripped them of their earthly adornment. I plucked my first chickens. I have to say that I did an excellent job and Tim was hugely impressed at my first efforts. It felt like quite an adventure, standing outside in Cornwall in January, quite possibly zero degrees in the wind and ankle deep in cow dung ripping the feathers out of chickens. Later, Tim showed me how to gut them and we roasted them up with potatoes, swede and broccoli. Tim thinks I’m 'bohemian', he can’t really back it up apart from my hippie hair style and my apparent bohemian attitude. Whatever that means. I don’t think he meant it in a particularly positive way, but still, it conjured up delightful images of girls in flowing skirts, rosy cheeked and lipped, cigarettes, opium dens, poets and artists drinking absinthe in seedy Parisian bars…anyway, it made me smile.

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks here already, and in just over a week I’m headed back to London and Milton Keynes.

While I was having my great day, Tim was having a less good time of it. Things are going a bit pear shaped for him. So this morning saw us headed for Redruth and the train station. I drove back to Constantine to pick Harry up from school, got only a small bit hopelessly lost in the never ending winding country roads, but eventually found the school and found my way back to the farm with Harry in the back, talking a hole through my head asking endless questions about why we were going to Gweek instead of the farm! I told him for a bit of a change of scenery and to see the boats. Anyway, it was all rather stressful, especially considering it’s the first time I’ve driven in the UK, haven’t driven for 8 months and didn’t have a CLUE where I was going and had a deadline to do it all in too! After a lunch of pancakes and several cups of hot tea…attempting to wash my clothes I’ve discovered that the farm has no water again. So yay, the next day or two should be lots of fun.

Harry and his pigs - Jacob and George
Buttercups twins - less than a day old!

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