Saturday, 10 January 2009


I wanted to make curry yesterday, but on discovering we had no tomatoes and no cream, I decided to set off to the nearest village to buy my ingredients. I walked 2 miles to get to Gweek, spent a little while looking around and then followed the brown signs to the nearby seal sanctuary. After an hour or so of looking at the baby seals and otters, I headed for the shop, bought what I'd come for as well as a bottle of wine and some postcards and headed back to the farm, uphill the whole way. I was pleased to see Harry, asleep in his chair by the telly when I got back, so I got to make the dinner in peace and quiet :) Pretty white-washed buildings in Cornwall.
Baby seals at the Gwek Seal Sanctuary.
The small harbour on the Halford River at Gweek.

I'm totally getting in to this whole country life thing. I collect eggs in the morning, help herd the cattle after breakfast and play with the calves. I'm baking cakes and biscuits in the aga when I'm not cooking up curries, lasagnes and stews and later, I'm going to pluck a chicken! My days are mostly spent playing with Harry, preparing food, poking the fire with a stick, throwing back large volumes of tea and Harry's pink milkshakes whilst sitting either by the fire or the aga and helping out with various farm related duties.

Harry and I are also getting along a lot better this past week and we've been making play-dough, reading stories, singing songs and making houses out of his bricks. He's a sweet boy, and oddly, today I rather miss him now that he's gone to his mothers flat in Truro.

Photos will follow later. I've been snapping away as I usually do.

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