Saturday, 17 January 2009

Haggis...and other nasties.

On Monday Tim had to go to London to sort out some business. He was away until Thursday night, leaving me on the farm with Harry. Roger and David came every morning to feed the cattle and make sure the farm side of things were running smoothly. Harry was mostly an angel the whole time his dad was away, and we had a pretty good time, the two of us. I made pancakes and chocolate milkshakes for lunch and came up with interesting mince combinations for suppers. I took him to play in the ‘castle’ at Gweek and to Goonhilly (but mostly because I wanted to go myself). I realized that you cant see or do much when you have an impatient three year old with you, and left Goonhilly, uninspired and with very few pictures.

When I went downstairs on Friday morning, I found a worried and ill-looking Tim by the aga, he’d been up all night with some nasty chest pains and coughing up blood. I spent the day with Harry, while Tim lay in bed waiting for his doctors appointment…and I waited for him to have a heart attack or stroke and shout out at any moment. Needless to say, I was tense as hell and ended up with sympathy chest pains for most of the day. Tim came back from his appointment with fish ‘n chips for us all and not great news from the doctor.

Today has been rather uneventful, except for the lunch of boil-in-a-bag haggis that Tim thought would be amusing to watch me eat. After the limpet debacle I thought that it would only be polite to try a bite of the offensive dish. I did. I chewed probably more than I should have done, but I found it difficult to swallow. I’m now contemplating a life of vegetarianism. I’m beginning to see it’s virtues. Haggis makes me sad…just like lung cancer, irritable bowl syndrome and lemon grass. What also makes me sad is the pigs head that Tim has in the freezer. Every time I open it to get some peas, there it is, staring at me. I had two nightmares about it the other night. I dreamt I took the lid off the pot on the stove, and there was the head, bubbling away…creeped me right out.

I’m getting back on the London bound train on Tuesday morning. I have two options, I can stop for a night out in Exeter on the way, or I can stop for a night out in London…OR…I could choose BOTH. Hmmm…what will I do??

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