Sunday, 11 January 2009

I love Britain

I do. I love the cities and I love the countryside. I love the quaint old pubs, inns and country houses, the narrow cobbled streets and the hedge-lined country roads. I love the people, the foreigners, the travellers like myself, the bohemians, the punks and the Goths of Camden, the professionals, the people on the trains, the OAPs, the pretty girls with facial piercing and the young blokes with beards. Pale people. I love the high streets and their shops, the markets and the gift shops selling over priced key rings, fridge magnets and Union Jack underwear. I love roast beef and Yorkshire puddings with gravy and boiled veggies, pints of local ale, pints of lager and shots of tequila. I love the trains, buses and taxis and the people who use them. New Pound notes spent at H&M, HMV and New Look. I love Waterstones and the free wi fi while eating bacon and cream cheese bagels. I love the queen and I love Pete Doherty. Carl Barat is gorgeous too. I love old timber framed buildings, ancient bridges and green fields. Summer festivals, Pimms, concrete animals dotted throughout cities. Swans on canals and lakes. I love the various accents, the pretty people and the more ‘colourful’ people. I love London, York, Liverpool and Bath…Belfast was good too, coastal towns, the North and the South. Nevermind the Buzzcocks, Top Gear, Mock the Week and QI. Jeremy Clarkson, Stephen Fry, Simon Amstell, Chris Addison and John Cleese. I love Black Adder and Monty Python. Colin Firth and Richard Armitage. Shakespeare, Blake and Wordsworth…

I can’t think of anything I don’t like really. I’d say I’m pretty happy to be here…and God save the queen.

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