Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year...2009 begins

I went to bed an hour before midnight. Before that, I’d been sitting in the drawing room by the fire with Tim, the dogs and a bottle of red wine and port, Radio 2 on in the background playing 50s rock ‘n roll music.

I got up late again this morning, and Tim and Harry were both up. I drank several cups of tea by the aga before putting on some wellies and going outside to help with the cows. I helped Tim separate a calf which needs to be weaned, got the cows into the yard for their breakfast and then collected fresh eggs for our breakfast. I’m slowly getting into the whole country life, but I do think I’m more suited to the city!

As is customary, I have compiled a short list of resolutions for 2009. It didn’t go so well with them last year, with I think me breaking each and every one, but hey, who knows, it might work out this year.

And so, here is my list:

1) Apply for British ancestral visa
2) Get a year long Schengen visa so as to visit Europe
3) Conquer my fear of the underground
4) Get a proper job (at least for a few months)
5) Forget about colourful items of clothing as it’s clearly not me
6) Watch some bands (Yay for Isle of Wight Festival!)

Ya, so I’m unimaginative right now, I’ll add more as I think of them.

Happy 2009 to you all, I’m off for a walk in the woods.

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