Thursday, 22 January 2009

A night and a day in Devon

A slight change of plans has seen me staying on in Cornwall for another week. I couldn't exactly abandon Tim and Harry right now. I did say that I'd stay, but on condition that I get a night out and away from the farm.

And so on Tuesday Tim and Harry took me to the station at Truro where I got on the 15h09 train through to Exeter St Davids. After three hours on the train, I finally arrived where I was met by Alex. We went to Wetherspoons and had some dinner and met two of his friends from work there, Liam and Majek. After supper and some vodka, we walked down the road to the Exeter version of Liverpool’s Cavern Club. We had some beer, chatted and listened to the live band playing before heading off to another club called Time Piece. Things turned more interesting there after been told off by some Polish girls for drinking their drink…really, it was an honest mistake and I did offer to buy them more drinks! And not long after that we were politely asked to leave the club because a friend of Alex had poppers and a burly bouncer came and escorted us out. The Cavern Club in Exeter - Majek, me and Alex

On Wednesday Alex drove us to Dartmoor National Park where we walked up to Hay Tor and Hound Tor and took a look around. We drove through Widecombe in the Moor, got some postcards, took a wander about and then headed back to Exeter for a quick city tour. I picked up another Pete Doherty book at Zavvi for only £2 because they’re clearing everything out. And then it was all over and Alex took me back to the station again. It was a good little trip and it was really nice of Alex to take a day off work to drive me around and play tour guide!

I was met on the platform at Redruth by Stan the taxi driver who drove me back to the farm, chatting to me non stop in a heavy Cornish accent which made me strain hard to understand and hear him. When I was getting out of the car, he shouted through the window to Tim who had come out to pay him what a pretty girl I was! Haha!!

A church and a Big Issue man

Exeter cathedral

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