Saturday, 21 February 2009

A barmaid

Last night I fell asleep as soon as I put my phone down and woke up this morning with my book still lying next to my pillow, unread. I rolled out of bed, pulled my hair back and went downstairs for my tea and breakfast. Gill had already started polishing in the bar and I helped her with the cleaning, then sat back with the newspaper and another cup of tea. We finished by 11 o' clock and I went up to read some more of my book of erotic prose and eat shortbread and chocolate brownies and down more cups of tea. I've been helping myself to the parsnip and ginger soup and chunks of buttered brown bread, and puddings in custard :)

I've been settling in this week, getting familiar with all aspects of this residential free house. It's been going well and the chef, the manager and the cleaner have all been singing my praises, which makes me feel pretty darn good about me. Yay for been fabulous :) Hehe. Phrases like 'a breath of fresh air', 'slotting in excellently' and 'a joy to be around' have been coming up a lot...ok, so the last one I may have made up, but that's the general idea anyway :)

I've not done much in the way of exploring my surroundings yet, but I'll be around for a while so there's no rush. I cant believe the contrast between this job and the one I started in Scotland, or that anyone would actually work in those conditions on purpose. I hope that pretty Eastern European Petra managed to get another job and out of there.

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