Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Days off

Last night, after a lovely veggie curry in Brick Lane, Paul and I went to Club 1001, sat on some comfy cushions and drank organic grape juice. It was really cool and trendy with a warehouse look, and across the way from Rough Trade Records (The Strokes and the Libertines).
A series of pictures - messing about with the camera - it's ok, 'cos everyone takes photos in London.
Brick Lane in the East of London.
I got all camera shy and Paul made me stand here for the picture. I got all embarrassed and bashful!

Today, after a very late start we visited the natural history museum in South Kensington. Probably should've gone to the V&A instead, sigh. We kind of just walked around glancing at exhibits half heartedly, and spent more time staring off into the distances and sighing.

'twas an impressive building in any case.

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