Sunday, 8 February 2009

It went so quickly.

The weekend has flown by in almost a total blur...not a total blur though, I think I can account for my time. It was another late start this morning, by this morning, I actually mean this afternoon. I left Holloway on the 29 bus to Trafalgar Square, got off and continued my search from yesterday. I wandered all around Leicester Square, Soho and Covent Garden. I had some luck in Soho and am looking forward to a phone call tomorrow :) So yay for good news!

The fairy lights on Holloway Road are so pretty, left overs from Christmas for the winter :) I love the long lie-ins, songs for me played on the guitar and sung, many cups of tea and the streams of pretty words.

I go again tomorrow, but happy and excited instead of nervous and unsure. And that's good, right?More pretty words.

It's been a good weekend. Good music, great company, walks around the city, tea in coffee shops, poetry. I feel calmer than I should. That in itself worries me.

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