Monday, 23 February 2009

So lazy

I'm damn bone idle. I hate how I waste so much time doing nothing, indulgently reading in bed, drinking tea and eating buttered toast. I'm glad to be in London again, although it felt like I hadn't really been gone. I got off the train at Paddington and was like, 'oh, here I am again'. That too, is indulgent...days off work and visiting London. I've worked hard this past week, so I suppose I deserve it. We're going to Brick Lane tonight and tomorrow we're going to the Natural History museum.

I totally wasted today, lying in bed listening to the traffic and the people going past outside. It feels like I've been sick for so long too, and I'm wishing I could get rid of this cough and just be well again. I need to take better care of myself, eat more salads and less chips and ale at supper time. Maybe I just needed to sleep and recover, but it's difficult to get over the guilt feelings.

If I had the money, I'd have gone shopping today, go into that cool clothing store Paul showed me and play with the idea of buying a tshirt. I also wanted to get a picture or two for my bedroom is so bare. I really feel like I've settled in there so quickly and easily, I've done well and I'm pleased. London still appeals though, and I'm really glad that I'm pretty close.
It's my blog dammit and I'll post pictures of me if I want to. Judge me if you will! This is me in my new room above the pub. Black and white hides a multitude of sins :)
Henley-on-Thames last week. Henley is a pretty town, with quaint shops and some pretty buildings. I'm looking forward to visiting High Wycombe soon too, which is apparently quite similar, only a bit bigger.

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