Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shopping, happiness and sunshine

I realized that today was probably the last day I had to go shopping before going home...I realized this at half past ten this morning. So, I threw on some clothes and set off down the fields to Mill End, missed the eleven o' clock bus and waited around for half an hour for the next bus going to High Wycombe. I wandered around the shops for ages and was starting to feel despondent about ever finding anything, so I ate two Thorntons truffle eggs, immediately felt like throwing up, but then started feeling a bit better once the sugar hit my blood stream. I put my ipod on shuffle, which I never do, and it threw out some pretty awesome tracks, which rather inspired me. I bought myself a cool black top at New Look from the kiddies department (yay for having the upper body size of a 9 year old boy), some purple nail polish and found a present for me ma. I got stopped outside Waterstones by some bloke who thought he knew me from an open mic night and then thought he'd randomly chat to strangers as it seemed to be going pretty well for him and he'd been inspired by our conversation about music and travel, and then I got back on the bus for Reading and hopped off at Marlow. Marlow rocks, just like the tunes on my ipod. I found presents for the kiddies and didn't yield to the temptation of KFC and had a 'veggie delight' at Subway instead. Yay for sensible food choices!

For those of you with short attention spans, that was it...that was my latest blog entry. There is nothing much more, but, my public has spoken and longer entries have been requested. Since I have a duty to my people and all that...I'll ramble on a bit and take up some space, I'll chuck in a few pictures too :)

A successful shopping trip in both High Wycombe and Marlow! Presents for the family and for me!!

A happy surprise in the post, a colourful letter including pretty poems for me :)
More happiness in the form of a poster torn out of a NME magazine, pretty Carl and Pete.

I'm so excited to be going home next week. I wasn't ready in January, emotionally or financially! But, after eleven months I think it's time; I have a few £'s in the bank, some new clothes, some new music, a broader mind (and waist line), presents and I cant wait to see my family and friends!! I'm so excited, I'm not even all that stressed about the impending 24 hour journey and overnight stay on hard Heathrow benches!I have so much to look forward to!!!

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