Thursday, 12 March 2009

London, this last time.

I wonder if I'll ever tire of the city? There's so much there to keep me amused and entertained, and keep me coming back for more :) These last days in London involved cheap eat as much as you like veggie curry in Angel, beer at Filthy McNasty's, unsuccessful shopping trips along Oxford Street and Camden markets, daffodils, and far too much time spent on trains.

It took up an entire morning getting my suitcase from Milton Keynes to London and my arms and back hurts from struggling with it for four hours...the actual journey was alright, even taking in on the tube was alright, the killing part was getting it down Holloway road and up the four or so flights of steps to the flat. Thankfully though, it is now done.

Yesterdays shifts were all spent in the kitchen, it wasn't particularly busy, I like that, been eased back in to work after trips to London. It was a day of excellent and sensible food choices ruined later by a bag of sweets from the Sweet Factory from Paddington Station which I'd tried to hide from myself but kept finding.

I've been setting up my room, making it mine and cosy. I've put my pictures of York and Liverpool above the fireplace, piled my books and cds onto shelves and found a mustard yellow comforter for my bed, very cheery :)

Now, I'm just going to settle down with 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', another cup of tea and wait for my next shift. I've dug out some easy listening in the form of John Mayer and it's making me feel sleepy and nostalgic...I may even have time for a nap...

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