Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Looking back a bit.

Time off is wonderful...although I'm kind of at a loss with what to do with it. When I'm working, I have all these ideas of other, more important things I could and should be doing with my time...and then I have it, and I'm not quite sure anymore. I lazed about in bed this morning, drank tea and breakfasted. I put on my cool and preppy new grey cardigan I bought in Camden, some shades ('tis a glorious sunny day) and went for a walk in the woods above the village. 'twere only a short walk, but it was lovely nonetheless.
I've been rereading my old entries, I went all the way back to January of last year. I wrote far more often of the things that plagued my mind back then. I guess coming here, I really resolved a lot of issues, and it's amazing how I've felt so remarkably well these last few months. It's a combination of things really, the freedom, the ease with which I get to see new places, meet cool new people. The abandoning of any silly ideas of reconciling a lost romance from my youth and moving on :)

It's been nice rehashing my last 11 months, where I've been, the things I've done...I've had some awesome times. Some of the things that stand out include time spent in Wales - all the emotional highs and lows, how beautiful Whitby is, long daily walks in the North Yorkshire Moors for seven weeks, been pleasantly surprised about how cool Liverpool is, drinking lots of Guinness in Belfast, the isolation of living on a farm in Cornwall for five weeks and the excitement of London.

I'm looking forward to all the cool things yet to come :)

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