Monday, 16 March 2009

Off exploring in the shires

I have two and a half days off work and I'm pretty pleased with how I've spent my time so far, 1 and a half days in. Yesterday after a crazy shift in the kitchen I ate my roast lunch in the Snug Bar with a shot of Baileys while everyone in the Public Bar was watching the rugby and been rowdy. I was threatend about using mobile broadband while the game was on, so I went and sat on the games field on a park bench and internetted for a little while by the river and the daffodils. I spent my evening in a hot and bubbly bath with a cup of tea and Nineteen Eighty Four which is excellent and I can't believe I'm reading it only now for the first time!

The bridge and the gate to the fields in Hambleden Estate.
Hambleden Estate in the direction of Mill End.
The Marlow suspension bridge.
Marlow is a lovely little town which is the home of the Rebellion Brewery. Rebellion IPA is rather popular at the Stag.
The Thames from the bridge.
The graveyard by the church and the Thames.
Marlow High Street. I'm so pleased I got off the bus and did a little exploring in Marlow. It's a gorgeous town filled with shops selling pretty things. It is apparently Buckinghamshire's 'best kept town'. I can believe it too :)
High Wycombe. I shopped up a storm at Eden. I was rather impressed...I mean, it's not Milton Keynes, but it had everything I needed...HMV, H&M, New Look, Waterstones, Joy...I was so excited to have found real shops so close to little, rural Hambleden!!
The railway bridge in High Wycombe.
Church Square...29 Miles to London, 25 Miles to Oxford.
A nice old man offered to take my would have been rude to say no :)

I got back to the pub with too much stuff. I need to take stock of what I've bought today...sigh, it probably would have been cheaper if I'd gone to London on my days off.

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