Monday, 2 March 2009


I always have these great intentions to do things on my days off. I found myself contemplating a lovely walk in the woods on the Chiltern hills around Hambleden, got half way up a hill, thought better of it and decided to go have another nap, but on the way back I stopped off at the village store to pick up a tube of Munchies. It's a gorgeous sunny day today, and I really feel like I ought to be out there, soaking up some sunshine and joy...but I'm just not going to right now. There's always tomorrow, after all :)

Saint Marys of Hambleden (surely there's a more original name).
A view of the village from the fields on the way back from the bus stop.

So, I've booked my ticket back home, have a plan of action, to-do-lists and a cheery outlook on the next few months. YAY for good times :) I’m just brimming with excitement at the prospect of the next few weeks! I’m feeling recharged after a lazy day of sleep, Pete Doherty, puddings, many cups of tea and hot bubbly baths and books of prose.

I find myself thinking in exclamation marks and I have butterflies in my stomach and everything!!
Combining my hobby with my work. Real ales of the area.
The river.The shop.

Man, I'm smelling steak and think it's time to go downstairs and investigate the goings on in the kitchen...

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