Monday, 30 March 2009

A sort of coming to terms

I feel as though things have finally come together. I know that they are actually rather far from together, but just having a plan, a goal, some idea of the future and how I want it to be makes everything just seem right. I'm together. I've finally accepted my face, my body (not so much my fatness), and the things that go on in my head. I'm no longer second guessing every emotion and every thought. I know the things that make me happy, and really, I know what I want, and it isn't what I thought I had wanted before. I'm revelling in the good times I've had and am having and know that more are coming. For once, I'm looking forward instead of backwards. I stopped looking back after returning to Milton Keynes from Wales. Since then, everything has been good, even the scary and uncertain times, and I knew I'd cope with whatever happened.

On a different note, the line up for the Reading and Leeds festivals have been announced this evening on Radio 1 and go along the lines of...Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Placebo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Arctic Monkeys...just to name a few. Man, I want to go!! I can't afford it though, I can't justify that sort of money but if I weren't going home this week I'd be online right now booking my tickets and looking for cheap tents and camping gear. I'm hoping for a miracle.

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