Wednesday, 18 March 2009

St. Paddy's Day

I wasn't sure of what my plans were for Saint Patricks day until around half four yesterday afternoon. I knew I had to do something even if it was just sit in the bar and drink Guinness with the locals. Instead, (and thankfully) I was invited to the Fox and the Hound on Christmas Commons with Claire and Kirsty. While I was waiting for Kirsty to pick me up I had a head start with a pint of the black stuff in the public bar with Willie the old Irish bloke, some other Irish guy in a customary green shirt and Matt.

Kirsty and me. How cool are our hats?

Baileys in one hand and Guinness in the other...keeping with the Irish theme.

The night was spent chatting, giggling, getting up to date with the local gossip (which is always good) and drinking Guinness and Baileys. It wasn't a late night, for which I was grateful, and I was back at the Stag before midnight. My first stop was the kitchen (how wonderful it is to have a fully stocked fridge with tasty treats for me) and I heated up (the best) steak and ale pie, devoured it, and fell into bed.

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