Friday, 6 March 2009

Stuff, too much of it.

I'm tired. I never seem to know how to manage my time effectively and then end up napping, internetting or staring out my window trying to think of something. Just anything would do. Not necessarily even something profound; a clear and concise plan or idea would suffice. Writing to-do-lists in my mind and on paper just so that I remember the basics, like laundry, suitcases to be fetched and another chapter in my book to be read. I have presents to buy and that usually enjoyable task seems like a chore right now.

I'm tense. I'm thinking about too many things all at once and focusing on none of them. I have to prioritise and so, here is a list of things that are very important right now:
  • Sort out my enormous suitcase (why did I let myself be convinced that I'd need such a big bag??)
  • Shop for presents.
  • Get to Heathrow airport.
  • Apply for all necessary documents for my ancestral visa.
  • Have a jolly good holiday in what's left of the South African summer sunshine.
Hmmm. It seems so simple and I'm not really sure why I'm worrying. Once I get to London it'll all be okay.

Right...focus now Karen!!


  1. I'm so envious... everyone seems to be going back to SA...........

    The question is: 'what are you going to do when you get there?'

  2. Aah, you can also go back you know :) I'm only going for a holiday, visit my family and friends and start the process for my ancestral visa :)