Friday, 17 April 2009

A day at GRC

We made it to Gold Reef City yesterday, thankfully, there were no frightening hoards of people and no queues. We walked straight in, got our tickets and got to go on all the rides we wanted to go on. Repeatedly.

The kiddies carnival section and the little balloon wheel...I remember been scared on this as a child, it didn't help having my dad rocking the balloon, tapping the fibre glass sides and pointing out potential cracks and possible flaws in the design. Ashley seems to be almost as full of doom and gloom as what he is...little loon.
The Tower or Terror - I think it's one of those dodgy free fall types, far too scary to even contemplate...
Johannesburg from the top of the big wheel...this one went much much higher than the little wheel :)
Ashley, Martin and Yvonne - cool sun hats :)
The Zulu man and me.

It was an excellent day out - the sun was shining, we ate candy-floss, got dizzy on all the spinning rides, ate dodgy burgers at the diner, took too many photographs, got soaked on the 'logs' and the raging rapids (probably not a great idea wearing white trousers to a theme park after all).

By yesterday evening my body was aching, but I was a happy sort of tired...I'm still really happy, and slightly less tired.

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