Thursday, 16 April 2009


I'm struggling with what to write...and not be too cheesy or cliche. I rather want to gush on about how good things are right now...about excitement, things to look forward to, you know...
There seems to be a lot going on at the moment - international travel, international moves, birthdays, holidays, babies, romance, plans...I'm actually a little overwhelmed. I want to give everything the attention it deserves, but I'm so easily distracted, I'm having problems.Dominique, Sandra and Gabriella. You go away for a year and this happens.
Pink wine with Candace. So serious!

It was Chloe and Jared's third birthday, they've gotten so big! I coloured in with Chloe and gave Jared cuddles while he tried to charm me and impress me with his muscles ;) Candace's mom told me I've gotten fat since going away...nice. And I had to share my wine with the aunt from Cape Town. I wonder if I still have a Cape Town accent.

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