Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A long trip and an annoucement ;)

I made it back to my little room above the pub last night at around half six, 24 hours after leaving for the airport on Monday evening. My trip involved 2 airplanes, 3 trains and 1 taxi and lots of stops in between, and waits. I hate waiting. It was an uneventful flight from Jo'burg to Dubai and I somehow managed to sleep for most of it. I had to wait for only an hour in Dubai and didn't get a chance to look at or buy anything. After boarding the airplane in Dubai, the airport very conveniently got closed for a couple of hours due to a problem with another plane, so I got to watch the whole of 'Mamma Mia' before we even took off. That was the start of a long and turbulent flight which seemed to stretch on forever...and make me wonder if we'd actually been hijacked and flying to someplace else, much much further away than London. Anyway, I was glad to get to London and start the trip back to Hambleden.

I unpacked, I did laundry, I drank tea with Kirsty who has moved into my living room for the next month, and I chatted with my boyfriend on the internet :)

Yes, 'tis right...I got me a boyfriend :) A real, pretty and Irish one :) I'll just refer you back to an entry in December with the title 'Badly Behaved in Belfast' ;) That is where it all began...and five (gruelling) months later, I have a boyfriend :) so yeah...high five ;)

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