Monday, 6 April 2009

Sleepy, lazy and back home

I'm home. Home is where (most) of your stuff is. And I have a lot of stuff. I went shopping for more of it today too and came back with some colourful socks and an awesome knitted top.

...but I'll go back a couple of days now, to Wednesday last week...

After a busy shift behind the bar, I got the four o' clock train to London Paddington, sorted out my suitcase and had a huge meal at a Chinese restaurant in Holloway. Paul and I got the tube all the way to Heathrow, found an uncomfortable spot and settled down for a couple of hours. We were prepared with marshmallows, juice, sweets and nuts, and the time went by surprisingly quickly. I was really grateful for the nice send off! That was the start of a 24 hour trip, a 9 hour trip to Doha, a 7 hour stop over at Doha International Airport and an 8 hour flight back to Jo'burg. I was enthusiastically greeted by my dear sister at the international arrivals and whisked off back to Alberton.

After an exchange of presents, lunch and a hot bath I was visited by a Noleeeen, and after that, I just passed out for 14 hours or so. Saturday passed by with visits from the family and in the evening Nols picked me up and we did the long trek to the Red Room in Honeydew. I got to meet Candace's Pieter and Kelvin's pretty Lize, drink Spiced Gold and Amstels and bop to some cool music amid red balloons on the dance floor. It all went by so quickly, (I swear, time moves at a different speed in that place) and then I had to go...

Sunday involved roast chickens, potatoes, veggies and gravy, more of the family, swings, sunshine, photos on the lawn, colourful tshirts and beaded necklaces...and today more dull things like banks, dentists and then some shopping. Which is where I started this entry.

It's good to be home, but it's like I never left. Everything is still the same. Time still moves slowly (except at the Red Room), service is still bad, the sunshine still makes me dizzy and fainty, my moms roast chicken is still the best I've ever had and my family still tease me and ask inappropriate questions.

I must remember to take photos!

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