Wednesday, 8 April 2009


It's amazing how been away for just a little while can make you forget how things function here. I had the great idea of visiting the local home affairs office this morning to get a mountain of paper work to fill in, for just in case I had some free time to fill. The queue was snaked all the way around inside the building and consisted of angry, surly and generally downcast looking people...and just one disinterested and distant looking man to answer their questions. I fled without any of the necessary documents. I went instead to visit my old colleagues at MCC and was greeted happily and enthusiastically and asked to please come back nice to feel wanted :) I 'smoked' with Bonny and John and drank cups of tea and told some of my stories while they jealously listened and asked lots of questions, 'twere terrific.

Mom and I walked up to Yvonnes and picked up the kids and we walked to Maxis in the sunshine and drank milkshakes and Creme Soda floats, finished off by ice creams at Checkers and a walk back home again. I hope I don't get a tan...

I've also noticed a wealth of bad hair-dos. I know that the 80's are back, but sadly, for some never left. I'm actually rather tempted to take pictures of the horrors I have seen, but not quite sure how I'd go about it without offending anyone.

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