Monday, 18 May 2009

Guitars in the Public Bar

A great weekend has just ended, and as Lee put it, it feels like the end of a good holiday. Work wasn't as busy as it has been and I ended up with loads more time off, and the chance to spend more time just lazing about, talking, drinking Baileys, playing with plasticine, giggling, making plans, and paging through travel guides.

I'm feeling pretty happy right now, I think I may have peaked above that flat line of contentedness I usually hang around.

It's so easy to write when things are bad, or I'm cranky and cross. I find it more difficult when things are good, and I'm battling now. Where do I start anyway? Should I talk about what we did this weekend? How glad I am that I have a Lee? How cool he is, and talented on his guitar (amongst other things)...

He arrived on Friday. My heart did jump a little at the sight of him walking past the kitchen to go upstairs, he always looks so good in black. I finished work and we spent some time together chatting in the room. On Saturday evening after my evening shift in the kitchen we started playing with the huge tub of plasticine he bought for me last weekend (after a discussion of our favourite childhood toys). We made animals and a snowman and our countries flags (with help from the internet...I am a dork), and we lay around talking. I worked on Sunday and had four hours off in the day between shifts. We spent a lot of time talking and laughing, making plans, booking flights to Paris and looking through the Paris travel guide he got for me in Marlow. Flights are booked for the last weekend in September and we're going to Paris for four nights :) So far our (and see if you can guess which ones I came up with ;)), plans include:

Drinking Absinthe in a seedy Parisian bar whilst wearing a floaty scarf and a stripey top.
Visiting Jim Morrison's grave at Père Lachaise cemetery.
Walks in parks and along the river.
Drinking coffee on sidewalks outside little French cafes.
Drinking wine everywhere.
Dinner and a show at the Moulin Rouge.
The Louvre.
Lots of photos of the pretty buildings.

I opened the bar up on Sunday evening and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Matt brought his guitars and amplifier over and him and Lee sat in the public bar playing guitar together, while I stood behind the bar, impressed. The ale flowed, and it was just us in the bar, and Willie and John and two other blokes from Oxford and Reading.

Going to South Africa :)

A pink dog, pig and piglet.

Matt and Lee from behind the bar.

I still have so much to look forward to :) :)

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