Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pictures on my door

I don't know what happens to my time. I think I can account for most of it, but it just goes so damn fast! This week has been pretty cool starting off with days off and London hotels. Wednesday saw me walking the mile over the fields to Mill End, a colourful Karen in my yellow top, decorative wellies and blue hat...the cows were paying too much interest and followed me, freaking me out just a little. I found Hambleden Lock, which I knew was around, just not where. It was pretty big, and awesome...very impressive indeed. I took lots of photos, but they're for later, I suppose.

Re-living my youth :) I cleaned my room, like a proper spring clean. I went overboard on the decorating and felt like a teenager again sticking these pictures up on my cupboard. I think they're pretty though, and so, they shall stay.

I had lunch with Carissa and her sister in Henley on Thames yesterday. We went to Marlow first, had a walk along the Thames briefly, then headed for the local Weatherspoons in Henley and had a burger and a pint of Strongbow. It was cool to see her and catch up a little since our last meeting in York in December.

But now, I need to get out of bed, dress, feed and go back downstairs and work again. I really need to be more productive with my time I think. Think faster, read faster, sleep, and definitely eat less!

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