Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rock 'n Roll Carl Barat air ;)

I feel so tired, I usually do, but I think this time, it's more justified than most others. The pub was so busy this weekend, I worked hard...and I had late nights, spending time with Lee. Early mornings delaying getting up and having to work, snooze buttons, long hours, ale in the garden with the sun on our backs, beer in the garden after evening shifts, MGMT, The Weepies, Dirty Pretty Things...Libertines, rock star hats and gloves, eating other peoples left over toast for breakfast. And a lovely dinner at The Hand and Flowers in Marlow. That place was awesome...rustic large table, great atmosphere, pink wine, the tenderest chicken and cool company.Today was great. We had a late breakfast of eggs Benedict and walked it down in the park in Marlow and along the Thames. It was warm and windy and the perfect day for a walk. We got to talk more than we had all weekend and it was good. It was all good.
I'm going to try for an early night tonight. Sod the fact that my room is a bit trashed and I have a whole lot of laundry to wash. Everything can be done tomorrow.