Sunday, 10 May 2009

Up late staring at the screen again

I've been living off of stolen chocolates, buttered pieces of bread and Guinness this weekend. I've been working too hard and I'm tired. I can't go to sleep though as I feel like I need to catch up time spent on the internet, blogging, looking at pictures...just staring at the screen. I've not even emailed my mom yet. I must.

I got to spend a few hours with Lee this weekend, and even though I was too tired, too cranky and too distracted, I was still overwhelemed by his patience and love :)

I worked my first Sunday night on the bar by myself tonight. It was just me. It was a little scary, but everything went well, and except for the smelly and arrogant farm boys, it was pretty quiet. I felt kind of 'rock 'n roll' in my black dress, manly socks and straight but unbrushed hair. I was upstairs again by half past ten, the pub all closed up, locked up and lights off.

And tomorrow I'm off to London...

Some Camden, beer, Filthy McNasty's, Lee, pictures and public transport. Good times :)

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