Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I met Yvonne and the family at the hotel on Tuesday morning. I was up at five, walking across Hambleden Estate at half five. It was lovely to walk across the fields at that time, I saw bunnies dodging into the hedges, it was cool and damp and my feet got soaked through my shoes. I got the bus to Henley, the early direct train to Paddington and the Piccadilly line to Heathrow. I walked up and down Terminal 2 looking for where I get the hotel hoppa buses and found myself at the Crowne Plaza at half nine. Everyone was tired, Martin was sick and the room wasn't ready yet. I got us a taxi to Windsor.

Windsor castle. We spent some time being tourists, taking pictures, looking about. We all got hungry and we had a pub lunch and a pint of ale across the road from the castle. We went back and finished off looking inside the castle state apartments and debating the height of Henry VIII. Afterwards we finished off with tea and apple pie at a lovely tea room across from the pub we lunched at.

I said goodbye to them by the large Victoria statue, hugs, getting into the taxi, waves goodbye and then followed the signs to the station, got three trains back, the bus and walked back to Hambleden. I drank tea in my bedroom and looked at the pictures and felt sad. I suppose next time I see them all, it'll be in Canada. More travels and more places to explore. Still, I wish my family weren't spread over three continents.

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