Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Heat wave!

The last few days have not been my finest. It all blew up on sunday in the kitchen and I had to walk out and tell Andy I wasn't able to work that afternoon, and then spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself and sleeping. I opened up the pub in the evening and went straight back to bed once it was closed and locked up. After a good lie in this morning, I pulled on my black cotton shorts, a vest top and walked down the fields of the estate, down to the stream what runs through it. I sat down on a soggy grassy spot and hung my legs down in the water, splashed around, got brave and sat myself down in the middle of the stream and let the water run over my outstretched legs. I lay back and looked at the sky, the Kites flying over head and the airplanes flying in to London. I didn't care who saw me either. I figured that after the last few days, most people would have assumed that I've lost my mind anyway, so it made little difference what I was seen to be doing.

I walked back to the village shop where I bought myself a huge bag of colourful assorted sweets from behind the counter and some banana flavoured milkshake, then proceeded to make myself ill by scoffing down almost a quarter of the contents of the bag and all of the milk. Back to the stream with De Quincy and Fitzgerald and a while later, and the first half of 'Confessions' read, I walked back to the pub, the soles of my feet itching terribly. A shower, a plate of Marmitey toast and I'm feeling pretty good.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Before sleep comes - an entry.

I was thinking more of myself as a blonde little kiddie, and afterwards when my hair turned brown. Back when I always cleaned my room, did my homework and exactly as I was told because I didn’t realize there was any other way. What an innocent mind and how much did I do to rid myself of it! I wonder if it’s too late to go back?

It made me smile when the new Regina Spektor album arrived in the post this morning. I wasn’t expecting her, so it was doubly good. Rhymes came for me too. Music, rhymes, and emails promising love and devotion.

All I want right now are blankets, pillows and sweet sweet dreams.

That isn’t true. There’re lots of things that I want right now.

But for now, I'll be content with sleep.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I was downstairs at seven, breakfasts cooked, conversation with residents over, a brief break and behind the bar again...and now, another break. I'm listening to Grace / Wastelands some more. It's awesomeness has not worn off. I don't think I'll be able to kill this one. I was down this morning, thinking of my family, my friends, my dogs...silly Alberton. The man in the dining room was from South Africa and he spoke with me and it cheered me up a little. Hard work and little time to think helps sometimes.

I'm worried I'm becoming hard. Harder. It came up in conversation and I realized it's actually true. I could put it down to lots of different things really. Plus, I'm prone to some terrible behaviour, immoral really. Still, I'm distressed at how infrequently my name comes up nowadays. Today, however, I was very good. I smiled at everyone. I was helpful. I did what I could. That should counter some of that bad karma ;)

I’ll end with some Oscar…('cos I do think he was brilliant)

“Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people whom we personally dislike”
-Mr Wilde_

Monday, 22 June 2009

Pictures in a field

I’ve been slacking off a bit in the blogging department just lately. I could just say it’s because I’ve been super busy (which I have been) but it’s also partly due the fact that not a lot has been going on. Besides of course trips to the Isle of Wight for the festival, having Noleen come and stay for two nights in Hambleden and then Lee coming over for the weekend too. Hmmm, so I have been fairly busy and distracted.

Anyway, here are pictures of us in the fields just outside the village.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Isle of Wight Festival 2009

It started for me on Thursday after my morning shift. I walked up to the bus stop at Mill End twice after having got to the bus stop and realized my phone was still on charge in my bedroom. I got to London and spent the next few hours getting lost on the buses because I’m an idiot and couldn't figure out where I was going to. I found Nola eventually and we made our way to Euston to drop off our luggage, we ate curry at Masala Zone in Angel, and met Leanne at the station and went off to Milton Keynes. Friday morning, Leanne, Noleen, Rachel, Chris and myself crammed our luggage into the boot of Rachels car and we drove off to Portsmouth listening to cds from the V Festival 2003. We got the ferry to the Isle of Wight, drove to Wroxhall and got the key to our camper van. We food shopped, we drank cups of tea and got the bus to Newport and the festival grounds.Gangsta...

Lee found us near the Carling Tent by the main stage and we all spent the rest of the day lazing about in the sun, watching the Ting Tings, The Prodigy, Pendulum and Basement Jaxx. Saturday was spent in much the same way, sleeping in late, cups of tea, Maximo Park, White Lies, Razorlight and Stereophonics amongst others.

Sunday was the highlight. The Pixies were amazing and I got to sing along to every song. The whole weekend was great. What an awesome group of people. We had so many laughs together! I was sad on Monday when it was all over for Noleen, Lee and me and Rachel and Leanne drove us to East Cowes to get the ferry to Southampton. We said our goodbyes at the train station and Noleen and I went back to Hambleden while Lee flew back to Belfast.

Noleen left yesterday afternoon, just before my evening shift started. I sobbed like a little girl.

The Pixies on Sunday on the main stage. One of my favorite bands evah!

Leanne topping up her Pimms from her hip flask.
Sunday picnic with Pimms and Carling.
Portsmouth Ferry - Nola, me and Leanne

Rachel, Chris, Noleen and me.
The Red Arrows.
The ferry to Southampton.

It's back to work now though. Which really blows after time off with good friends.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Eye watering yawns

It's one of those dark days, rainy and overcast and so so green. If the day is dark, the green certainly isn't. That bright, freshly washed green outside my bedroom window looking out over the beer garden, the sports field and up and to the woods on the Chiltern hills. It makes me even more tired and cold and as though I need to confess all of my sins. Sometimes, I just have this overwhelming desire to tell everything.

The mice (dare I say it, rats) are scuttling and squeaking in the slanted ceiling next to where I sit. It’s started to rain again, I think rain has set in for the rest of the week and the weekend. The countryside is beautiful. England! But I'm envious of Noleen in London right now, even with the tube strike.

I still feel a little weird. I’m dirty tired and wanting. Restless.

Tomorrow, I'll be better.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Karen le Roux is...


My hours this week have been utter shite. I'm tired and have an achey back. I have a bruised eye and an itchy nose. The skin is coming off my fingers.


I have such a cool eyebrow piercing :) and I'm really excited about the Peter Doherty album I've been playing repeatedly all week.

Not only that, but it's the Isle of Wight festival next weekend and that means a few things...it'll be Leanne, Nols and me together again after around five years or so, I'll get to spend some 'proper' non-working time with Lee, watch the Pixies and see some of the Isle of Wight. Camera batteries are charging in anticipation, I'm doing laundry and planning trips to the high street to look for festival hats.

Back to Grace / Wastelands though, because it's totally being the focus of my attention the last few days...I'm so super impressed with Mr Doherty. I mean, I always thought he was pretty darn great, but he's totally outdone himself :)

And it's not just 'cos I think he's HOT that I'm loving this album either :)

Right. I have just about enough time to grab a cup of tea, flop down horizontally with Thomas De Quincy (that English Opium Eater) and then it's back to work for me.

I'm hoping my next entry will be somewhat more inspired, and full of colourful and awesome pictures from the Isle of Wight!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Twenty Seven

I started off my second year of 27 sleeping in, and ending up with a late start to the day. I was finally on the London bound train by 11 o'clock and in London by twelve. I walked around in Camden for ages surveying the various piercing and tattoo shops. I refused to go in to anywhere that was playing crap music, which was most of them. I finally found 'Camden Piercing and Tattoos' and heard nothing at all and went down the steps, paid my money and was taken into a back room and had a piece of steel stuck through my eyebrow. It didn't hurt like I'd expected. I walked out with some expensive antibacterial spray and awfully proud of me for not being a total baby and chickening out.

I met Leanne and Tania at Euston and we spent the afternoon in Covent Garden. We ate brightly coloured cupcakes here and drank tea.
The obligatory birthday shot in Covent Garden.
Above...the piercing. Below...the place what done it...

So I pretty much totally disregarded the poll, though 'eyebrow' did get two votes. I like it though, and have wanted to do it for ages.

I've had such a great few days even though I was sickly and moany and whiney on the weekend. Lee came over, I barely got to see him and when I did, I felt so rough that I just wanted to sob and nap. That bit wasn't awesome. I was totally spoiled. I feel badly for just how spoiled I was. I got to indulge in a huge heart shaped box of Thorntons, pink champagne and Peter Dohertys 'Grace / Wastelands' album, amongst a whole load of other cool presents...oh oh! I have to mention Roundhouse tickets to see Peter in September! Whoohoo!!

Man, I've got too much to write about and it's late and not even my birthday anymore :(