Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Eye watering yawns

It's one of those dark days, rainy and overcast and so so green. If the day is dark, the green certainly isn't. That bright, freshly washed green outside my bedroom window looking out over the beer garden, the sports field and up and to the woods on the Chiltern hills. It makes me even more tired and cold and as though I need to confess all of my sins. Sometimes, I just have this overwhelming desire to tell everything.

The mice (dare I say it, rats) are scuttling and squeaking in the slanted ceiling next to where I sit. It’s started to rain again, I think rain has set in for the rest of the week and the weekend. The countryside is beautiful. England! But I'm envious of Noleen in London right now, even with the tube strike.

I still feel a little weird. I’m dirty tired and wanting. Restless.

Tomorrow, I'll be better.

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