Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Karen le Roux is...


My hours this week have been utter shite. I'm tired and have an achey back. I have a bruised eye and an itchy nose. The skin is coming off my fingers.


I have such a cool eyebrow piercing :) and I'm really excited about the Peter Doherty album I've been playing repeatedly all week.

Not only that, but it's the Isle of Wight festival next weekend and that means a few'll be Leanne, Nols and me together again after around five years or so, I'll get to spend some 'proper' non-working time with Lee, watch the Pixies and see some of the Isle of Wight. Camera batteries are charging in anticipation, I'm doing laundry and planning trips to the high street to look for festival hats.

Back to Grace / Wastelands though, because it's totally being the focus of my attention the last few days...I'm so super impressed with Mr Doherty. I mean, I always thought he was pretty darn great, but he's totally outdone himself :)

And it's not just 'cos I think he's HOT that I'm loving this album either :)

Right. I have just about enough time to grab a cup of tea, flop down horizontally with Thomas De Quincy (that English Opium Eater) and then it's back to work for me.

I'm hoping my next entry will be somewhat more inspired, and full of colourful and awesome pictures from the Isle of Wight!!

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