Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Twenty Seven

I started off my second year of 27 sleeping in, and ending up with a late start to the day. I was finally on the London bound train by 11 o'clock and in London by twelve. I walked around in Camden for ages surveying the various piercing and tattoo shops. I refused to go in to anywhere that was playing crap music, which was most of them. I finally found 'Camden Piercing and Tattoos' and heard nothing at all and went down the steps, paid my money and was taken into a back room and had a piece of steel stuck through my eyebrow. It didn't hurt like I'd expected. I walked out with some expensive antibacterial spray and awfully proud of me for not being a total baby and chickening out.

I met Leanne and Tania at Euston and we spent the afternoon in Covent Garden. We ate brightly coloured cupcakes here and drank tea.
The obligatory birthday shot in Covent Garden.
Above...the piercing. Below...the place what done it...

So I pretty much totally disregarded the poll, though 'eyebrow' did get two votes. I like it though, and have wanted to do it for ages.

I've had such a great few days even though I was sickly and moany and whiney on the weekend. Lee came over, I barely got to see him and when I did, I felt so rough that I just wanted to sob and nap. That bit wasn't awesome. I was totally spoiled. I feel badly for just how spoiled I was. I got to indulge in a huge heart shaped box of Thorntons, pink champagne and Peter Dohertys 'Grace / Wastelands' album, amongst a whole load of other cool presents...oh oh! I have to mention Roundhouse tickets to see Peter in September! Whoohoo!!

Man, I've got too much to write about and it's late and not even my birthday anymore :(


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