Thursday, 2 July 2009

33 Degrees today...

The almost end of another lazy and HOT day. My between shifts was spent sunning myself on the Dene with my netbook and music thanks to After lying on some nasty prickly pod of some description, I lunched on fish and chips in the snug bar, went back down to my spot at the side of the stream accompanied by George Orwell and his Animal Farm (thanks Yvonne), I finished off with a run and a walk in the woods above Hambleden, a shower and now I'm kind of hanging around listening to Regina Spektors new album just waiting for shift number 2 to start. And for Lee to call...if he gets back from his hair cut in time ;)

I'm feeling really happy this week...which makes me worry about being bipolar because of my awful awful mood last week. Or, it could just mean I'm a normal girl (woman sounds so grown up...I'm not). But like, really well. Healthy and strong and capable. Even in the freakish heat.

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