Thursday, 23 July 2009


It's all just worked out well today. I got finished by half ten this morning even though I got to sleep for an extra half an hour. The only breakfast I had to make was tea and toast and I poached myself an egg, and read the newspaper with a cup of tea in the Snug. I left the pub just in time to get a lift to Mill End with Claire's grandad and as I got out of the car, my bus arrived.

I had a to-do-list to complete and I managed to tick off everything in a short time in Henley on Thames. I got ID pictures (the man at Timpsons made me look good too), bank statements for my Schengen visa, new sunglasses, opium incense (I asked the man at the market 'how much for the opium?'), a present to send home to my Nushka, and minty shampoo for me. I walked back to the bus stop eating some Starbucks rocky road and a green 'super food' drink and arrived just in time to get on the 850 High Wycombe bus back to Hambleden. It started to rain as I started walking, but just before the cloud burst, Brad drove by and picked me up and dropped me off right outside the pub, where Chris was just finishing off the last of the lunch time orders and put a salmon fish cake in to cook for me with some bubble and squeak.

A forty five minute phone call from Toronto with excited conversation about trips to Paris, South Africa and Canada and the future, a little lie down, some awesome Florence and the Machine...and I'm sooo heppy :) (with lots of staring off into the distance and sighing) and in an hour or so, I get to talk with my Lee before I go downstairs to work again.

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