Thursday, 30 July 2009

I didn't get lost amongst the students

I went to Oxford today. I’ve been before-last year, soon after getting back to Milton Keynes from Wales. Leanne and I drove through there on a Sunday and spent the day. Today I went alone and remembered that travelling by yourself can get a bit lonely. I got the train from Henley, changed at Twyford and at Reading got the Oxford train. I stared out of the window the whole way, listening to Regina Spektor on my iPod. Somewhere between Pangbourne and Didcot Parkway there was this golden field that rose up into a hill up against the sky. There were no other colours except for gold and blue and I really wished that I could be apart of it. I think, if someone were to paint the scene, it’d make a pretty boring picture. I’d still want to be in it anyway.

I arrived just before noon. It took a while before I started to feel Oxford today. By the time I arrived I was feeling a little down and just not getting in to being there. I also had no plan of action and was walking aimlessly. I ate KFC, two mini doughnuts from Starbucks and a strawberry and cream frappuccino. An hour or so later I thought I would ‘throw my cookies’ all over the Oxford pavement.
This t-shirt was displayed in a window in the covered market. It's silly, but it made me laugh out loud.
Outside the Science museum and the Sheldonian Theatre.

I went to Modern Art Oxford. It’s in this really cool warehouse type of gallery. Galleries in warehouses are cool. The doorways to exhibits and exits are always really well concealed and camouflaged and I end up walking around not knowing where I’m going, and missing out on half of what’s on display. I looked at the Maplethorpe Polaroid exhibit for a while. I liked his photos. He took pictures of everything. Amongst his photos was a naked self portrait behind some transparent purple film and a man with some pretty nasty looking nipple clamps. I guess you have to be pretty narcissistic to use yourself in your art and put it on display. Like Gilbert and George. It’s something I’d do though. I’d totally use myself in my art if I were creative :)

The covered market.

Radcliffe square.
It would have cost £22 for an hour long chauffeured punt. I chose not to go. Still, so pretty :)

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