Thursday, 16 July 2009

Things I'm excited about -

I woke up feeling good this morning. I rarely wake up feeling good but this morning I felt excited about the rest of this year and what is to come after that. There is still so much to look forward to :)

...and because I love lists and have neglected them of late…

  • Next weekend Lee is coming over again, just over a week before I get to spend some time with my cute Irish boyfriend. I feel like we’re getting to know each other better now after all the time we got to see each other last week. I’m liking what I’ve gotten to know ;)
  • The Stag and Huntsman Beer Festival at the beginning of September. I know I’m going to be working shitting hard, but I think it’ll be fun too.
  • I’m seeing Peter Doherty at the Camden Roundhouse on the 19th of September!! Tickets are bought and all that is needed is for Peter to make an appearance by staying out of prison for long enough!
  • I’m going to Paris the weekend after Pete. Four nights in Paris…Eiffel tower, Jim Morrisons grave, Moulin Rouge, Absinthe in seedy Parisian bars and walking along the Seine with Lee. I may even let him hold my hand ;)
  • Possible trip back to Belfast with road trips around Ireland…lots of Guinness, lots of lovings :)
  • South Africa in November. Home! My ma and pa! My Noleen, Sandra and Candace. The Doors! The Red Room! My beastie Nushka! A nature reserve with game drives and proper ‘African’ experience. All with Lee.
Smaller random things I’m also excited about include -
  • Reading The Catcher in the Rye once Lee’s finished reading it.
  • Putting Regina Spektor, Florence and the Machine and Peter Doherty on my iPod now that I have a sleek and skinny black external cd drive for my netbook.
  • Going to London and shopping for sandals, and dresses…and eye brow piercing jewellery in Camden.
I'm just soo excited. And, although I feel tired, I'm happy. I'm feeling healthy. Also, after looking at the 'arty' photos from the hotel, I feel good about myself. It feels pretty good. I'm so tempted to share those pictures. Alas, that they be inappropriate...

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