Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A four or so mile walk

I went downstairs for my breakfast and cup of tea this morning and overherad myself being talked about in rather annoyed tones. I smiled as I stirred the sugar in my tea, then went back to my room.

"The only thing in the world worse than being talked about, is not being talked about."

And it's true too.
After breakfasting I put on one of my new tops from last weeks crazy shopping spree in High Wycombe - the long white flow-y one with black and purple writing on it. It says "To the left, to the right, step it up, step it up, it's alright".


I decided to walk to Henley-on-Thames. It's around a four mile walk, that's like six and a half kilometers, which I guess isn't actually all that far. Nevermind.

It's a pretty walk, first across the fields of Hambleden Estate, over the lock and weir and then along the Thames and over the bridge into Henley. There were lots of people about, doing the same thing. Amongst them was a little family picnic-ing alongside the river...their little blonde girl in a pink tutu and chubby and dippled little thighs walking next me, following me on the path, grinning at me and chuckling when I smiled at her.

I found these ducks by Hambleden lock.

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