Monday, 31 August 2009

A Hambleden Fete

It's been a weekend of busy-ness. So much busy. It's a warm up to next weekend and the beer festival (which I'm not so much looking forward to anymore...besides of course the visit from Lee). Highlights from the weekend include a few fly bys of a Spitfire and Mustang curtesy of a wedding at Huttons Farm and a visit from Leanne and John.

The fete wasn't so much a highlight. It was like a 'non event'.

The tug-of-war seemed to be the main event, and the Stag and Huntsman now has the trophy on display above the fireplace in the public bar.

Lea and John spent most of Sunday in the village. Once I'd finished work we got a chance to sit around, drink tea and catch up a bit. We also ate ice cream on the Dene at the fete.

That was nice.

Later, we went in to Marlow and had pizza at Francescos with some wine. Lovely pink wine.

Now I'm just debating what I should do tomorrow with a whole day to myself. I want to go to London, but I also want to sleep in late.

What will I do?

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