Monday, 10 August 2009

Keeps on getting better...

I’m just so darned happy right now. I’m excited and impatient and I don’t really know where to start! The weekend went by too quickly. It went even faster because on Saturday I was in bed with suspected swine flu.

It wasn’t swine flu, but some other sort of bug which left me with a nasty fever and achy muscles and joints and cry-y. By Sunday afternoon I was feeling much better and Lee and I went back to Francesco’s (that’s a fun thing to say) in Marlow for our lunch. We had a few hours together before he had to fly back home again, but I think we’re making better use of our time these days.

Work is pretty crappy right now, if truth be told. I’m not making the best of it, and my heart is not in it anymore. I suppose it does show, but I've become despondent with the long hours, pettiness and the extra shifts being squeezed out of me. I’ve become sickly and moany, whiney and irritable. Not exactly a joy to be around!

Anyway, all of this doesn’t relate to why or how I could be so damn happy as suggested in my opening line. And the title doesn’t seem to fit just yet either.

I am, however, happy. Joyously so. I couldn’t be any other way with all the plans going about now. Right now, even more so than Paris, I am excited about taking my Lee to South Africa in November. I’m excited about looking at, and getting a Belfast city centre apartment in November…and all this talk of diamond rings and travel has got me flippen excited too.

It's only August I have to get through, and after that, the exciting things begin. Anything can be tolerated if only for a few weeks.

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