Saturday, 15 August 2009

Kitchen times I'll miss

Thursday night in the kitchen was quiet with just a few orders steadily trickling in. Earlier in the week, Chris had been threatening us with talk of chocolate éclairs but nothing had come of it and I’d just been wondering what had ever happened to that plan when he asked again if I were ready for the éclairs. He made up the choux pastry while I weighed out the ingredients for the chocolate icing and prepared the custard cream in another bowl. By around half eight the food orders had all but totally stopped coming through and the choux pastry was ready to come out the oven. Chris had piped letters out of the pastry into mine and Abbies names with the left over pastry after making the more traditionally shaped éclairs and profiteroles. Once they’d cooled we played ‘countdown’ rearranging the letters into words, then devouring them.

I know I’ve moaned a lot these last few weeks about work and my frustrations (more to Lee than online) but moments like the above really do make work fun and I really will be sad to go away I think. Starting over again is always difficult even though it’s exciting and something I want to be doing. I said in an earlier post that I don’t feel as though I’ve made friends, but I take that back. There’re some awesome people here, and I shouldn’t let the ‘arseholes’ get me down.

So I’m just going to make the most of these last five or six weeks and then go off and begin my next adventure which will be by far the best one yet :)

More traditional shaped eclairs.

The chef and the bar maid
It says 'bin a bream'.

I have a whole lot more I need to write about...but very limited time. I have e-mails to reply to, blogs to follow, entries to write and books to read. Actually, I could do with a soak in a bath with a cup of tea too. But all of that tomorrow, because sadly, I have a Saturday night shift behind the bar to get through. Oh but if I were in the kitchen...(wistful sigh).

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